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Where Can You Find a Live Auction in Gladewater, TX?

Come to USV LLC to place your bid

USV LLC hosts live auctions and online auctions in Gladewater, TX. This includes business liquidation, consignment and estate auctions. You'll be able to bid on a wide variety of unique items.

Come to our live auction to find...

Commercial Liquidation
Estate Liquidation
Warehouse Distribution
City and Government Surplus
Vintage Furniture
Household Items
Home Decor

Because we have our Federal Firearms License, you can legally buy firearms at our auctions. Call 903-375-3515 now to get more information about our business liquidation, consignment and estate auctions.

We will service commercial liquidation up to 30 miles of Gladewater, TX.

Our commitment to being family-friendly

USV isn't your average auction company. We strive to make our auctions family-friendly and welcoming. We stick to this commitment by...

Hosting auctions during the day and on weekends
Allowing our customers to bring their children to our auctions
Hosting online auctions for those who can't make it to the in-person auctions

Don't worry about finding child care to attend one of our auctions-everyone is welcome at USV. Stop by our next live auction with your family.