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Make Money Off
Your Unwanted Items - Call on USV LLC!

Sell your items at our consignment
auctions in Gladewater, TX or schedule on-site visits

Are you clearing your home of unwanted items before you move? Don't just take your stuff to a landfill-bring it to USV LLC instead. We host consignment auctions in Gladewater, TX. If any of your unwanted belongings are valuable, we'll sell them.

We host live auctions and online auctions, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to sell your items. Our consignment inventory ranges from antiques to household items. We will do on-site visits to purchase items off of you and take to our consignment locations.

Call 903-375-3515 now to learn more about our consignment auctions.

3 things to know about consignment auctions

Never sold your items at a consignment auction before? Don't worry-we make it easy to make money off your belongings. Here are three things to know about consignment auctions:

You'll make a percentage of the profit from the sale of your item
Your item will be sold with other items from our consignment inventory
You'll receive your portion of the money after the buyer's check clears

If you have any other questions about consignment auctions, get in touch with us today.