Start Attending Local Auctions in Gladewater, TX

Find the best auctions with the best items in Gladewater, Longview and Tyler, TX

If you’re searching for upcoming auctions, check out or On Auction Zip or Hibid, you can search for live and online auctions at venues across the country. You can also sort your search by category to make sure you find the items you’re looking for.

Additionally, you can visit the online auctioneer directory and learn more about the auctioneer who’ll be hosting your event.

If you’re ready to start attending the right auctions, visit or contact U.S.V. LLC today.

Are you looking for local auctions?

Are you looking for local auctions?

If you’re tired of attending poorly planned auctions with mediocre offerings, look up listings for U.S.V. on or Our team hosts several local auctions you can attend in various cities, including:

  • Gladewater
  • Longview
  • Tyler

Don’t settle for average auctions. Call us at 903-987-4671 to learn more about our upcoming auctions today. 

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