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U.S.V. LLC is a leading auction service in Gladewater, Longview and Tyler, TX. When you attend one of our auction events, you’ll realize what makes us different from other auctioneers in the area. Our auctioneers are professional, and the items up for bid are top-notch.

U.S.V. auctioneers makes it easy for you to find high-quality items for your home, office or collection. We do this by:

Holding consignment auctions | Hosting estate auctions | Selling refurbished items in our warehouse

Call U.S.V. at 903-987-4671 today to learn more about the local auction services we offer in Gladewater, TX & the East Texas Area.

Find power tools for sale in Gladewater, TX & the East Texas Area

Real men need their power tools. Smart men won’t spend a fortune to get them. They’ll visit U.S.V. to purchase refurbished power tools at a great price. In our warehouse, we carry a variety of name brand tools that we know will get the job done.

Stop by our warehouse today to learn more about our affordable power tools for sale.

Attend local auctions in Gladewater, TX & the East Texas area

If you’re ready to start attending more local auctions, visit Auction Zip is an online tool that allows you to search for upcoming auctions in Gladewater, Longview and Tyler, TX. You can also filter your search by category to make sure you’re finding the perfect auction for you.

Have any questions about our upcoming auctions? Call us at 903-987-4671 to speak with a member of our local auctioneer today.

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Member of the Texas Auctioneers Association and National Auctioneers Association

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